“At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning. Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader.” –Alberto Manguel

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Day When Er. Added Before My Name

Hello.. reader.. :) Today b.tech final result is out.. :O n guess what; its incomplete.. damn!! :/ Its common with my trade.. so no wonders.. :/ well I hope it will update in a week.. n I hope it to be good so that it can yield me an aggregate percentage 70+ so putting my fingers crossed.. Gawd!!

So b.tech over with this.. now no more heart-popping scores, no more abnormal pulse rates before the result.. gonna miss this as well.. :O yeah!! So this newly "student-turned" engineer is waiting desperately to grab a job.. so that I can officially add that "Er." before my name.. yeah.. after all it took 4 years of my life.. :O

Gawd knows, when that day will come when I'll enter my office with my own cabin (with glass walls), n plop myself on a leather chair.. n sit in front of a laptop, surrounded with number of phones, n bundle of files?? Seems to be a dream.. let see when it turns into a reality.. :O

I wish myself n all my friends all the best for their career.. :) I hope we all get job soon.. n lead a life of our dreams.. winding my prose.. may God bless ya all.. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Lord Will Buy Me A Prince

Hello.. reader.. :) You know what.. I can't figure out why people act like a "peeping tom" ?? Yeah.. I am happily single n I don't need any body who make me somebody.. oh Gawd knows why people quest on this so much..?? :/

n I get it on my nerves when they begin a crap like this.. Just because they are involved in shit like this doesn't mean I also have to be involve in all this.. c'mon I am not that despo to have a "bf". :/

I think all this stuff comes by its own.. I need not to wait n search for it.. it will come one day may be "out of the blues".. n I trust whenever I'll feel like having somebody special then my Lord will buy me a "prince" :)

Now I don't give a damn to these people.. I mean its ok; if they are saying all this crap then fine let them bark on.. but its quite unexpected when done by friends.. anyways.. I can manage all this.. :O

I am happy I am single and need nobody to support me, am happy I can lead a life without begging a shoulder to cry on, am happy I got few great friends n my loving mom-dad who never made me feel like I have to search for love outside.. but again these people never understand all this.. no wonders :/

n I completely believe whenever I'll feel like falling for someone then my Lord will fix it all.. yea.. so till then am enjoying my freedom.. woohoo.. ;) :D winding my prose.. may God bless ya all.. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Same Shit, Different Day

Hello..reader.. :) I m getting it on my nerves now.. what the hell?? What's happening to all these peoples?? I mean they are just going so impulsive.. argh :/

Huh.. In a nutshell, I can't believe whatever happened today.. I can't figure out a single reason.. oh!! I can't believe how can people go so crazy?? All this seems to be so outré to me.. :O I wonder to see all this happening.. :O

Life is full of surprises.. n everyday I am getting its proof.. Oh; Gawd knows what all this makes me feel.. I run away from all this.. n all this is after me.. that's pathetic :/ Blergh.. the same shit; different day..  :/

I want to be me, lemme be me.. why people don't understand this thing.. don't they get all this in their gray matter?? Huh.. again these peoples.. mysterious creatures.. they can bring you any thing anytime.. I fucking hate this.. :/

Not any more, its passé.. Try something new.. huh.. I won't get it on to y'all.. for all those people.. just cut it out.. n stay away.. Oh Lord not any more please.. may God bless ya all.. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fuckin' Backseat Drivers

Hello.. reader.. :) There are some peoples who love giving advices.. no matter if it is completely unwelcomed.. they are just masters in giving advices.. n I hate such "backseat drivers".. argh!! :/

Starlings During Flight
You know this world is full of variety of peoples, I mean the list will go on.. Some are, PEEPING TOMS, JOE MILLERS, NOSEY PARKERS, COUCH POTATOES, SHRINKING VIOLETS, BACKSEAT DRIVERS, n God knows how many more are there in list.. :O

I can't figure out why people are so pretending.. why they are so hypocrite.. I donno how they yield pleasure in being the same.. :O Ah; again I will say I can't understand these peoples.. :/ I have never been so fortunate to meet a single person who is perfect in all aspects, I know nobody is perfect.. n so I am, then why the hell people expect me to be perfect all the time??

People expect everytime.. me too.. but why don't we learn from these "STARLINGS" who always live in a group, n save each other from their enemies?? Why don't we learn from a tree to support others as tree supports a creeper?? Nature teaches us, but we have become a victim of urban lifestyle, we find pleasure on internet, roaming in malls n what not.. :O

World still sounds to be a mysterious place, n peoples are still like mysterious creatures.. well, I know life's like this.. n I know how make the best out of it.. :) winding my prose.. may God bless ya all.. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thanks Mr. Anon

Hello.. reader.. :) Today a strange thing happened.. guess what?? Hmm.. I just had some serious matter with one of my friend.. n guess what.. some unknown or known guy (whatever) helped to sort out this matter..

I mean.. who is this Mr. Anon, who settled every thing back to normal?? N why he is helping me out?? It quests in my mind.. yea!! Anyways.. Its ok.. n I thank to this Mr Anon..

I wonder how sometimes people turn out to be so generous?? :O As I usually say: I can never understand these peoples.. yeah never!! People are still like a mystery for me.. I can't figure out when n how they will react.. :O Earlier I use to think I am a "dab hand" in understanding these peoples, but now I will say I am a "raw hand" at it.. yea!!

Every episode of my life teaches me something.. sometimes I learn from it n sometimes I snarl at it; rejecting the chance to learn any lesson.. n that's where I commit a mistake.. any ways, I am still redeeming.. :)

I still tryna be a good person.. I hope I could become a good person, and never hurt any body.. may God bless ya all.. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Holes In My Fishnet

Hello.. reader.. :) Hope everything is alright with this world.. me; the same.. hmm.. still "fishing for.. God knows what" oh!! I can see the big "holes in my fishnet".. Troubles have just become synonymous to my current conditions.. I can see myself in "hot soup" n this world seems to be like a "fly on the wall".. seems like I have nothing to do with this world.. ah, donno what's coming next?? 

Do I sound so helpless?? I mean I shouldn't.. 'cuz am stoic.. yea.. hmm.. but sometimes I do sound like a big loser, sometimes I do live in "fool's paradise", sometimes I become all that I hate to be.. 

I know what am gonna do.. I guess; am gonna keep on writing blogs like this.. always complaining and blaming everything for not happening the way I want them to be (instead of fixing it).. n I hate this part of being so helpless.. actually nobody is helpless.. yea.. Dr. Robert Harold Schuller says: there is no helplessness, no scarcity of money; its all about the scarcity of ideas.. n I agree.. :O 

Oh God knows.. what a man is Mr. Schuller?? His write-ups had always inspired me.. n still they are supporting me when I feel like falling down.. I being optimistic sometimes act like a dumb pessimist.. but this man never gave up.. I wonder, from where Mr. Schuller brings so much of optimism?? 

Hmm.. Life seems to be like its "gone off the track" n I feel like I have "burned my boat".. n  I keep on trying to "draw the veil over" everything I did wrong.. :/ 

I am gonna be so busy doing something I die for.. so here I come life.. :) I hope I could mend these holes in my fishnet.. I'll leave "no stone unturned" to fix these damn holes.. may God bless ya all.. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So Here Comes The New Life

Hello.. reader.. :) Today was my project viva.. ah!! viva.. the thing I had always disliked.. :/ well today it went good, awesome, great.. :D so finally all those 4 levels (presentation, sessionals, semesters, project) are over.. feels great to complete some task.. ain't it?? ah!! now I can take a deep breath of relief.. :)

Well, the day was too hectic n boring.. I really got it "on my nerves".. :/ Well.. that's over.. and am happy that my b.tech is over.. happy to leave my college 'cuz I never settled here, n it was never my option.. well its over now.. yay!! :)

People change so fast.. I can never understand these peoples.. never!! I usually take (wrong) impulsive decisions.. as far as peoples are concerned.. :/ I hate being so stupid in judging people.. blergh!! :/

So I have decided not to get so impulsive.. yea.. now I can see gaps in my friends.. n I bet with in few months they will loose all contacts.. :( that's okay; "people may meet; people may scatter, but if the hearts are loyal then distance don't matter".

Hmm.. a new life gonna begin.. n this time I have to decide what to do with it.. I hope I could do a great job with it..:) Help me Lord.. may God bless ya all.. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Overwhelming Odds

Hello reader.. :) Life is full of many odds.. some come to mend our life n some to destroy it.. Hmm.. now my b.tech is over.. so 'am thinking to join some workshop.. or to join some guitar classes.. yeah am damn passionate about the guitar.. \m/

Every dream I saw holds some odds.. I find this odd in everything I am connected to.. I must say odd has become a part of my life.. 

Just a day ago I gave my last exam.. n today at home I am feeling completely bore, dumb.. No one is at home.. :( I don't think this world is meant for me anymore.. 'cuz everything is happening against my will.. doesn't matter if I try to be optimistic.. sometimes I feel like a loser.. n I hate this.. :/

Oh God knows what's destined to happen.. I don't wanna do masters.. I wanna play guitar.. but who cares?? My mom promised me that she will gift me a guitar if I got placed.. so neither I got placed nor I got guitar.. ah!!

When one thing hurts you then other previous odd things also play their part.. same is with me today.. I don't understand; why we get hurt for same thing as many times as we remember it, n why don't we laugh for the same joy that's over?? Few mysteries of life that keeps going on.. 

I don't like all this.. I donno what will be my tomorrow like.. what will tomorrow's life bring for me.. every night I hope for best but every morning seems to be that same.. :(

Well.. no regrets.. I am still waiting for my dream to come true.. Listening "how do I live without you" by "LeAnn Rimes"; an awesome song.. :) help me Lord to realize my dreams.. may God bless ya all.. :)