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Thursday, May 26, 2011

B'day Surprise: Out Of The Blues

Hello.. dear reader.. :) Today when I woke up in the morning.. then I was down with fever.. I just got faint n fell down.. I donno what's that.. may be because of this fuckin' summer.. I was really shocked.. I thought what's happening with me.. I had exam today.. n I thought how will I give exam in this pathetic condition.. Somehow I managed to give exam.. I took all that yucky tablets.. eewww :/

I went to exam center, gave exam, exam went good!! :) Then I asked one of my friend to drop me.. I ride n he drove fast.. :) Then he turned his bike on the way to "Coffee Hut" I was screaming at him to get back on my way.. Then we stepped in " Coffee Hut".. Then all my other friends joined us.. :O I thought what's going on??

My B'day Cake By My Friends
Then came a surprise.. A "b'day cake".. on the table.. I was surprised.. that moment all my damn fever gone.. :P I cut the cake, they sang b'day song for me.. :D

Then they asked me to give treat.. I  said ok .. :) One of my friend supported me in cash.. Thanx to him.. :P These are friends.. they come unannounced.. :P We njoyed the evening.. It was an awesome b'day I ever had in my B. Tech.. Thank u all.. for planning all this n making all this so memorable.. may Lord bless ya all.. :)

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