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Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Farewell Party \m/

Hello dear reader.. :) Today I attended an awesome farewell party, n this was from our branch juniors.. Thank you juniors for adding some more beautiful memories in my life.. We even haven't given them fresher's party still they managed such an awesome party for us.. that's so sweet of 'em.. feels great.. \m/

Enjoyed the whole day.. n the day turned out to be a best memory to cherish forever.. :) Thank you Lord for letting all this happen.. :) I owe you everything I have.. :) 

I was asked to perform a ramp-walk.. n I roughly managed it.. I am too na├»ve at it.. yeah  :P Then I danced madly, enjoyed the supper n it was a fun being there.. a great day that will keep me happy atleast a week. :)

Then I returned home on a friend's bike.. n the ride was awesome. world feels great on bike.. I guess.. :O Thank u friend for dropping me.. :) But the people on road kept a "hawk's eye" on us.. Oh goddammit, why the hell they think a girl riding on a guy's bike is his girlfriend.. retro world!! I f***** hate this.. :/ n when I sat in a taxi to reach home then two guys commented negatively, totally absurd.. I hate these "peeping toms".

Chuck these things.. I meet these kinda stuff almost everyday.. Everyday on my way to college I met such "cunts".. :/

Anyways; soon I'll get all the pics n then will upload on facebook.. yay.. :) So this was a happy episode of my life n probably the last party of b.tech.. :( Winding my prose here.. may God bless ya all.. :)

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